Blogilates: The 5 Best Ways to Lose Weight

This video has been very informative. I think I’m going to have to write down everything I eat on a daily basis… Starting tomorrow. Lol.

This made me smile. :)

Healthy Doesn’t Need to be Expensive… Right?

Day One: Confessions of a Big Girl (who will hopefully not be as big when all of this is said and done.)

So here we go… LET’S DO THIS!

I’m really not sure what to do, but I think the best way to go about this “lifestyle change” is to do it gradually. Therefore, here’s what I’ve been doing and am planning to do…


I’m not a very active person. I’ve never played a single sport in my life. I even suck at bowling… seriously. O_O So I’m not really sure what to do about this whole exercise thing, but what I have started to do is take a walk every morning before breakfast. That usually takes me an hour, and as a writer, the long walk really helps calm me. It’s also meditation time, so the walks are healthy (methinks) for both the body and the mind.

Future Plans: Two of my closest friends and I are hitting the gym next week. I’d go now, but I’m Filipino. We tend to do stuff in groups. While I do have my streak of independence, I don’t want to go to the gym alone. I don’t know why, but it sounds so terrifying. O_O Anyway the plan is for us to go to dawn prayer every morning at church. After that, we take the long walk right toward the gym. (Not sure what I’m gonna do at the gym, but hey… I’ll cross the bridge when I get there.) 

Note to Self: Ivane, buy running shoes. Seriously. You can’t keep doing this using flip-flops. 

Questions: Any suggestions on what I can do at the gym to make the most out of the money, the time and the workout? Any recommendations you can make when it comes to the running shoes? Any sport you’d recommend that a very clumsy and non-athletic person like me might enjoy? 


Aha! The great thing about living in an agricultural community is that you can get organic vegetables quite cheap… or at least it’s a lot cheaper than the vegetables I bought when I was working in metropolitan Manila.

Right after posting my first Confessions of a Big Girl article, I took a walk and got myself some “healthy stuff” at a local organic store. Here’s a couple of things I was able to get:

Basil and Parsley

Basil and Parsley

Romaine, Deep Red and Green Ice Lettuce

Romaine, Deep Red and Green Ice Lettuce

I LOVE cherry tomatoes!

I LOVE cherry tomatoes!

All in all, these items cost me about P210.00, which is roughly about $5.00? Not bad for a couple days’ supply of green yumyums. Tossed these into a salad and added some honey cider vinegar and I’m good to go. I also like to add whole kernel corn (the canned ones) and strips of boiled chicken with salt. 

For snacks, I also bought oatmeal bars, which are P48.00 for a pack of six bars. That’s a little over a dollar I think. The oatmeal bars make for a good alternative for the chocolate cupcakes that are littered all over this house.

I just finished breakfast – a bowl of oatmeal with honey, vanilla and cinnamon, and of course, a cup of coffee (sorry, can’t give up my caffeine just yet).

I already finished half of my second serving when I remembered to take a picture!

I already finished half of my second serving when I remembered to take a picture!

Future Plans: Don’t starve. Apart from that, none really. Nada. Zilch. Blank. Help.

Note to Self: Blog done, Ivane. Now, get to work! Write that novel…

Questions: Am I doing this right? I honestly do crave salads. But I crave pizza too… and ice cream… and burritos… and adobo… and tinola… and CHEESE. LOTS OF CHEESE. So I guess the question is… What do I do? O_O

That’s all for now, folks!

Confessions of a Big Girl: Beginnings

Two weeks ago, I stepped into the scale and was horrified to see the number that registered on the screen. I weighed 179 pounds. An all-time high for me. June of last year, I was at my height’s normal weight (I was 154 pounds at 5’6″), a number I already saw as large and wanted to decrease. Instead, in a span of nine months, I climbed 25 pounds in the scale. I can’t say that I didn’t see it coming, because I was aware that I was letting myself go.

I could reason out that 2013 was perhaps the worst year of my life, and it was, but I’m not even going to go there. I’m not going to whine and give excuses about why I allowed this to happen. The bottom line is that I did. I stopped eating healthy. I binged on the junk food. I stopped exercising. I wallowed in my self-pity and used my pain to justify not taking care of myself.

I am aware that if I want a healthy, disease-free life in the coming years, I need to make some serious lifestyle changes. I need to change the way I eat, get more active and stop running to my cravings for comfort.


Why am I blogging about it?

1. Accountability. I’m great at beginnings, when I’m all fired up and good to go, but I think anybody who has started a diet and not followed through with it can attest to the fact that it gets tougher along the way. I don’t know… I figured maybe if I write about my journey, I would feel a responsibility to follow through.

2. Maybe someone out there can relate. And perhaps take this journey to a healthier lifestyle with me.

I’m going to keep this article short for now. Consider it an introduction, because I am so going to blog about the ups and downs of this lifestyle change in the coming days.

Let me just leave it at this: When I checked the scale this morning, it registered 175.4 pounds. Hopefully, in a month’s time, the scale will show a much smaller number than that.

P.S. Throw in a word of encouragement if you can. Heaven knows I need it. 


She became their cautionary tale. She was the deceived elect. Mothers pulled their children aside to tell them not to be like her, to stay far away from her.

So-called friends and blatant foes turned their back on her. Strangers looked down on the girl they barely knew. She lost dear friends who once treasured her companionship. They were afraid to be seen with her.

What a shameful mess! they thought. Stay away from her.

When news of her death spread across the village, they sighed with relief.

Good riddance.

They gathered together to spew out their final remarks and indignant comments over her untimely demise. Read the rest of this entry

Why It’s Hard to be Ourselves In Church

Is there anyone who fails? Is there anyone who falls?
Am I the only one in church today feeling so small?
- “Stained Glass Masquerade”, Casting Crowns

My best friend, Natalie*, and Harvey*, the guy she’s in a courtship with, are always a lovely couple to be with. They’re the kind of couple who can make you gush over just the way they interact with each other. I’ve spent a lot of time being their third wheel and it’s a blast hanging out with this two crazy, fun people.

Mind you – these two – apart from a friendly poke or a playful shove, they barely touch. I’ve never even seen them hold hands. They’re not really big fans of public displays of affection. They just have this lovely rapport between them and knowing that they are prayerful about their relationship gives me a lot of peace.

Now, what’s the point here?

They only act that way when they’re outside our church. Read the rest of this entry

What Not To Feel

I cannot disillusion Someone Who never had illusions about me in the first place.

A friend once told me that I feel too deeply. She could try her best to immerse herself in emotion and never really get to the depth of emotion that I go to. I smile even as I write this, because I’m thinking, “Perhaps it has something to do with our height difference. I’m at least 7 inches taller than her.” But I digress. I’m not trying to say the taller you are, the more deeply you feel. *facepalm* Oi.

If there’s one major struggle I’ve had in my spiritual walk – it’s soulishness. My emotions have a way of getting the better of me. A spiritual high can turn to a soulish low the moment my emotions get under attack.


My initial reaction? I withdraw. I inch away. I put myself in a self-induced bubble, shying away from the crowds and retreating to a place where I can ignore, but never quite soothe, the way I feel. (This place often involves TV show/movie marathons and a general disregard of the world around me.) It’s strange that I do this, because after a day or two, I find that I’ve only fed my emotions instead of deal with it head-on. I only address the symptoms.

It’s strange that I don’t always immediately run to the Solution, when I know exactly what it is – or rather, Who it is. I know that there’s only One Solution to my dilemma – the Lover of my soul (no matter how emotional it is). He is my Audience of One and it is His opinion alone that matters. And all I really have to do is run to Him, because oftentimes, He sees me way better than I would dare expect.

I was made the way I am and He must’ve had a good reason for doing so. Fearfully and wonderfully made. With that, I know what not to feel as I draw near to Him – shame, condemnation, accusation – mistaking these ugly emotions as repentance.

I have to remind myself that I cannot disillusion Someone Who never had illusions about me in the first place. In that place – that crux – there is pain that comes out of sacrifice, sacrifice that comes out of passion, passion that comes out of unfathomable love. In that place, I can feel many, many things, but one thing is for certain: When around Him, I desire to always feel His Love.

Here I am. At Your feet. In my brokenness, complete. - Unashamed, Starfield


“Shining star, I hope you see If the whole wide world is staring straight at you They can’t see Me.” ~ Jacob’s Dream, Jason Upton

The star hangs in the sky.
Beautiful. Unreachable. On fire.
Vibrant in her fiery glow.
Proud. Arrogant. Utterly alone.

The star hangs in the sky.
Shining. Unique. One among millions.
Just like all the other stars.
Watching. Waiting. Hoping.

The star falls from the sky.
Ablaze. Broken. Vulnerable.
Countless wishes come true.
At the price of her death.

The fallen star stares up at the sky.
Dreaming. Longing. Stricken with wonder.
She is a paradox.
Dead, but never more alive.

She smiles.
“In the darkest of nights,
Your Light will shine.”
Sweet abandon.

The starstruck ground trembles.
The star’s light dims.
Basking in surrender.
Beautiful. Unique. Radiant.
Greater light shining from within.

Let Them

They’re waiting… anticipating…
They’re tired of seeing you rise.
They want to see you fall.

They’re eager to find a crack.
A flaw. A weakness.
A reason to tear you down
To rip you apart
Until there’s nothing left of you

You asked Me to kill you. I will.
But only because
You’ve waved the white flag at Me.
You’ve given Me your surrender.

It won’t be easy.

They will enjoy the show.
They will kick you when you’re down.
They won’t care.

You will want to defend yourself.
Your defense is their ammunition

So learn the violence of silence.

Take every blow.
Endure every insult.

Let them curse you.
Let them do their worst.
Turn the other cheek.
Again and again and again.

Let them enjoy watching you die.
Never understanding…
Never really knowing you.

And at that moment…
When you finally find yourself
Crucified & publicly shamed,
Remember Love.

And remember…
There’s one thing You will never have to endure
Like I did.

Unlike Me, you’ll never be alone.
The Father will never forsake you.
Neither will I.

A Shade of Green

Obsession… Devotion… Illusion…
Blown out of proportion.

Rejection… Sensation… Imagination…
Fighting back emotion.

Envy is not the shade of green
I thought I’d have.

You’re one shade of green.
A leaf dangled by the wind before my very eyes.
I will not chase you.
I will simply watch you dance with the wind.

Maybe one day you’ll be mine.
Or perhaps you’ll remain as one shade of green.
Never mine. Never was. Never will be.

Just one hue in a spectrum of color,
Blown away by the wind.


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